Google (does not) Announce Google Pharmacy

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by Dave Michmerhuizen and Luis Chapetti – Security Researchers

The spam honeypots at Barracuda Labs have detected new spam that takes social engineering – and chutzpah – to new heights.

While Google announces new products and services regularly, the skeptical email recipient will determine that this announcement fails to make the grade.

We do give the spammers an A for their eye-catching addition of Viagra and Cialis to the Google logo.

However, we mark them down with a D for their fractured English, (“pharmaceutical interfaces”) and a resounding F both for their choice of a domain in Russia and for landing on a run-of-the-mill  rogue Canadian Pharmacy website, as shown here

Spammers have long traded on the cachet of the Google name when sending out lottery spam, but presenting Google as a purveyor of Viagra is a whole new level of impersonation.  It has to be especially galling to Google because the company has recently been accused of knowingly accepting advertisements from rogue online pharmacies.  For their part, Google recently went to court to sue some of those same advertisers.


Barracuda Networks customers using the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall are protected from these emails.


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