Anonymous wants YOU!

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by Dave Michmerhuizen & Luis Chapetti – Security Researchers


Anonymous is a loose coalition of Internet users who participate in international hacking activities, often targeting large security firms or opponents of digital piracy.

They've engaged in some high-profile successes lately, so imagine our surprise when we checked the Barracuda Labs spam traps and found that they are recruiting!



Even though none of us has answered the call yet, there is plenty of speculation about these widely distributed emails. Are they really from Anonymous members? Perhaps the FBI is looking for people who might answer the call.   Or it could just be someone trolling for mobile phone numbers, which can be abused by premium SMS scammers.


Whatever the case, Barracuda Networks customers using the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall will have to find some other way to join, because they won't be receiving these emails.

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