Barracuda Cloud Control: appliance control and a whole lot more

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Today we're all about Barracuda Cloud Control, the centralized management platform that allows our customers to access their Barracuda assets from one location.

Barracuda Cloud Control doesn't generate a lot of buzz in our industry. A management interface doesn't get much attention in our industry unless it is stupid expensive, offline when you need it, or incomplete to the point of interrupting your workflow. Barracuda Cloud Control is free with every supported product, always online, and feature rich.

Barracuda Cloud Control is probably best known as the location where you log in to use Appliance Control to manage almost any Barracuda product that you have. The product currently supports,

·  Barracuda Spam Firewall
·  Barracuda Web Filter
·  Barracuda Web Application Firewall
·  Barracuda Message Archiver
·  Barracuda Link Balancer
·  Barracuda Load Balancer
·  Barracuda Firewall
·  All Barracuda VM versions of the above products

Barracuda Cloud Control also supports services such as

·  Barracuda Backup Service
·  Barracuda Email Security Service
·  Barracuda Web Security Flex

Which means you can manage most Barracuda infrastructures directly from a single interface, or from our iOS mobile application.

And it isn't just the convenience of the single interface that's cool. With BCC as your management point, you can use Appliance Control open a support tunnel in a remote location, synchronize firmware and updates, apply policies or run reports across multiple devices, and even pop into the community forum if you'd like to ask your industry peers for their thoughts. Barracuda Cloud Control makes all of this easy and intuitive.

You can get more information on Barracuda Cloud Control in our Tech Library. We've got information on management contexts, deployment options, tools & add-ins, and more.

Sign up for your free Barracuda Cloud Control account here.

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