Barracuda in Barcelona: VMworld 2013

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Hey folks, I'd like to show off some cool stuff from VMworld Barcelona.

VMworld is a worldwide conferenceon virtualization and cloudy things. There's a ton of good stuff that happens there and several different reasons to attend. For example, at a typical VMworld you can learn,

  • How to troubleshoot aand proactively manage virtualization and cloud performance
  • What's coming up with new technology and how the new tech can help you
  • How to automate provisioning and provide users with on-demand access to applications
  • Best practices in self-service datacenter deployment and management
  • Many other lessons and experiences that you learn from networking with peers

So as you can imagine, this is an extremely popular conference and it's right where we want to be. We were in San Francisco for the North America VMworld back in August, and we were in Barcelona last week. Devin was there to get us some highlights:

Devin with VMworld Barcelona highlights – click here to watch video
TruebitTV also sat down with Markus Walcher, our Vice President of Sales EMEA, to discuss Barracuda.

TruebitTV interviews Markus Walcher – click here to watch video
From that interview:

The mission of Barracuda Networks is simplifying IT. We are dealing as a security and as a storage vendor, so we have a bunch of products in both areas, storage area for example, a backup server, we have message archival, we have copy to the cloud solutions and, in the security area, we're dealing with firewalls, next generation firewalls, web filter, anti-spam, ADC load balancing and web application firewall, so a lot of products we can offer to our customers and to our clients.

It is either coming as an appliance; it's coming as a virtual appliance or it is coming as a cloud solution. A lot of our products have even the possibility to use all three types of deployments which is good if customers are deciding for one location, for example, I want to have this appliance; for another location which is far away from central Europe or North America, I want to have a virtual version or a cloud version for that.

If you are interested in leveraging virtualization, you can count on Barracuda to provide you with the best products, supported on multiple platforms. Our Vx product line currently includes,

These solutions support all major hypervisors, and some are available on Azure and AWS platforms as well.

If you'd like to learn more about VMworld Barcelona, head over to the vmworld website where you can read the blog coverage and watch highlights of the general sessions. (Big cheers to the vmworld blog team for the great coverage!!)

If you'd like to learn more about Barracuda products, take a look at our product page. You can find all of our physical, virtual, and cloud solutions on this page. Click here for 30-day risk-free evaluations on these products.

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