Barracuda Email Security Gateway recognized as a leader in messaging security

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Here we are with yet more evidence that Barracuda products are awesome.  IDC's recent worldwide vendor assessment (IDC #244306) names Barracuda a leader in messaging security.

High fives all around!

IDC specifically notes:

  • Barracuda has strong competency in running an efficient and cost-effective security hardware appliance business
  • Barracuda's integration with its archiving/backup solutions in the cloud and on-premise is a key strength in the market

In October of last year, IDC reported that Barracuda was the volume leader in security appliances, including our Barracuda Email Security Gateway (formerly Barracuda Spam Firewall) and the Barracuda Web Security Gateway (formerly Barracuda Web Filter).

Our messaging security line includes the Barracuda Email Security Gateway physical and virtual appliances, and the cloud-based Barracuda Email Security Service.  Both of these products are rock stars, in terms of protecting your users from viruses, phishing attacks, and even some social engineering attacks.

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway and the Barracuda Web Security Service comprise our web security line.  The Barracuda Web Security Gateway is available as a physical or virtual appliance, and the Barracuda Web Security Service is available as a cloud-based or hybrid cloud solution.

Learn more about the Barracuda Email Security Gateway here:

And more information on the other products mentioned in this post …

Barracuda Web Security Gateway:  Enables connected businesses to benefit from new technologies and online tools without being exposed to malicious content, lost productivity, wasted bandwidth and data loss

Barracuda Email Security Service:  Advanced email security with the convenience and scalability of the cloud.  The service manages inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organizations from email-borne threats and data leaks.

Barracuda Web Security Service:  Industry-leading antivirus and anti-malware technologies to block spyware downloads, prevent viruses, and block requests to malicious websites.


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