Digital Learning Day: The Flipped Classroom

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Several digital learning concepts have come into mainstream awareness over the last few years. One of the most popular is the ‘flipped classroom.' The idea behind this is to use technology to deliver curriculum outside of the classroom, and allow students to create their own learning environments while in school.


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Just like traditional classrooms, flipped classrooms can look different from class to class. Take a look at these examples of flipped math classrooms:


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And here's a video to help parents understand how the flipped classroom works.

The flipped classroom accommodates the differences between students:

  • Students learn at different rates: the flipped classroom allows students to absorb the technology delivered curriculum at the pace that works best for them.
  • There are differences in home-based support for activities like homework. The flipped classroom allows classroom time to be devoted to assignments, which is very important for the kids who can't spend quality time on assignments at home.
  • Students who miss school days due to illness or other factors often fall behind. The flipped classroom allows students to keep up on instructional material even when they miss class.

Digital Learning Day is a great time to talk about the flipped classroom and other technology-enabled ideas for school. Check out these videos for more information and examples.

The Barracuda Digital Learning Day Competition is a great way to share your stories and win some prizes. The top three winners will receive $300, $150 and $50 cash prizes. To enter, just share your story about how digital learning has affected you. Details are in this post. The competition is open until February 28, 2014.

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