Basingstoke’s little footballers

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Aren't these the cutest little guys you ever did see?


These are the Rangers and the Royals, two of the under-7 teams in the Eversley & California Football Club. The club is located near Basingstoke in the UK, which is part of our EMEA region. The teams were looking for a shirt sponsor, so one of our Channel Managers arranged for Barracuda to become a sponsor.


Our Basingstoke office is the logistics center for EMEA, and provides a good deal of Marketing, Support, and Pre-Sales work for the EMEA region. Activities like this are fun for the kids and fun for Barracuda.

The EMEA region is comprised of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. For a full list of our company locations, see our corporate contact page here.


Greetings from the Basingstoke Barracuda team!

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