And that’s why you secure your perimeter!

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Symantec Senior VP for Information Security recently told The Wall Street Journal that antivirus is “dead.” It's not making any money for Symantec and it only stops about 45% of attacks on computer systems.

Yes he did.

This isn't really news around here. Barracuda believes in redundant security, and we would never tell you that your network endpoints were safe with only one type of protection. The anti-virus on your workstations, smartphones, and other endpoints, is just one part of the network security solution.

Barracuda specializes in security at the perimeter rather than on the workstation. Our products work to prevent viruses, malware, and other attacks from accessing your network. As part of our Cloud Evolved strategy, we offload a lot of that security processing to the cloud, so that your network resources never have to touch the bad traffic. You don’t have to spend your processing power or your bandwidth on any of those attacks.

Barracuda perimeter security isn't just about the Barracuda Firewall and Barracuda NG Firewall. Our award winning Barracuda Spam Firewall protects your email server from viruses and malware attachments, and protects your users from phishing attacks. The Barracuda Web Filter is an important layer of protection against compromised websites and social engineering, and it works with the Barracuda Safe Browser to protect users when they are working remotely. It also supplements endpoint protection with integrated spyware and malware removal.

If you would like more information about Barracuda security products, check out our products page here.

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