Klaus Gheri on the “iFirewall”

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Here's a short conversation with Klaus Gheri, Barracuda Vice President Product Management Europe. Klaus is discussing the challenges faced by small and midsize businesses in terms of defending themselves against security threats. Although SMEs face the same threats as everyone else, they do not have the resources that are available to the larger enterprise. This problem is made worse by the ongoing tug-of-war between organized cybercrime and the professional security industry responding to these threats. As cybercrime improves and adapts to new defenses, the SME is left to deal with new threats that can be overwhelming.

Barracuda responds to this problem by providing solutions that combine an enterprise security core with a user interface designed for companies that do not have resources to spend on training and complex administration. Klaus refers to this as the “iPhone paradigm,” in that there is substantial pre-configuration done behind the scenes and the product can be used out of the box.

The video is about five minutes long, so check it out:

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