Barracuda Web Filter 8.0 adds Chromebook support, WAP integration, and more

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Editor's note: For more information securing Chromebooks in a K12 environment, see Securing Chromebooks in a K-12 environment and Web Security Gateway adds new SSL Inspection and Chromebook security features.

We’re pleased to announce that we've just released firmware version 8.0 of the Barracuda Web Filter.  Existing customers can easily install this update through the “firmware update” feature in the administration panel.


This update brings several new features to the Barracuda Web Filter:

Customizable dashboards:  This product already had a great dashboard.  The Basic Status view gives a ton of information on web filter stats, performance info, web activity, subscription status, infection activity, and more.  With Barracuda Web Filter 8.0, admins can create multiple dashboards that represent their own priorities.   These dashboards are easy to create with the built in reports and drag & drop functionality.  This customizable dashboard feature is now available on models 610 and above.

Chromebook support:  The Barracuda Web Filter can enforce user-based policies outside of the network perimeter through the use of proxy authentication and LDAP.  This is critical for organizations like K12 schools that need to create a safe computing environment for users, even when the users are not on campus.  With version 8.0, these policies can now be enforced on Chromebooks, as well as providing an alternative way to filter Windows and MacBooks without the use of software agents.

Wireless Access Point (WAP) integration:  Wireless Access Points can be configured to send syslogs to the web filter, so that admins can capture information on user browsing activity, bandwidth use, and more.  This integration provides a much better experience for the user, and more control and network insight for the admin.

Extended Web Application Monitoring:  The Web App Monitor allows admins to configure alerts on certain activities and data patterns.  The feature uses a pre-built dictionary of keywords and phrases, and will generate an alert when these keywords or phrases are detected.  Barracuda Web Filter 8.0 has expanded this feature to monitor traffic for credit card and social security number patterns, privacy terms, and HIPAA compliance terms.  The alerts are tagged with the network user identities so that the source can be identified.


This update also includes a handful of feature enhancements, such as the updated YouTube Safety Search, nested OU reports, and IP specific application exceptions.  Check these out here in our technical library.

So what does all this mean?

  • Better end-user experience
  • Easy application enablement through IP assignments
  • Safer computing environment with enhanced security measures and YouTube Safety Search features
  • Better traffic insights with customizable dashboards, log report enhancements, and nested OU reports
  • Reduced network TCO with expanded support for lower cost devices like Chromebooks

If you're looking for a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use content security solution, this is the one that you want.

Head over to the live demo and give 8.0 a try.  You can get a view of all of the features we talked about in this post.    When you're ready to try it in your own network, order a 30-day risk-free demo.  If you're not sure what to order, our team can help you figure out the model and deployment option that will work best for you.  Once you get your demo unit (or virtual machine), you can use this 30-day evaluation deployment guide to get you started, or call our support team to help.

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