Lower costs and keep your employees productive with the Barracuda SSL VPN

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Let's talk about AKRF.  This is a leading environmental, planning and engineering consulting firm with five offices across the eastern seaboard.  You may have heard of them; they've worked on several high profile projects such as the USTA National Tennis Center at Flushing Meadows, Yankee Stadium, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and many more.

The nature of the work at AKRF requires data-intensive CAD, GIS, and Office documents.  This means that AKRF employees had to be in the office to use the software, or request a laptop that was pre-configured with the proper software.  The time required and difficulties involved in working remotely caused most employees to simply work late at the office rather than attempt to work from the field. 

AKRF installed a Barracuda SSL VPN to address this problem.  The Barracuda SSL VPN portal, combined with RDP access to office workstations, has created a more flexible environment for AKRF employees.  They no longer need to work late at the office, or come to the office on a holiday.  The new configuration allows them to be productive from remote locations at any time. 

The Barracuda SSL VPN also allowed AKRF to save money on software, by reducing the number licenses required for the staff.  With secure remote desktop enabled, AKRF employees no longer need CAD and GIS software on their field laptops; they can simply log in to the office machines where the licensed software resides.

Finally, the Barracuda SSL VPN also enabled AKRF employees to continue working on client projects even after Hurricane Sandy flooded the New York office.  The corporate headquarters was inaccessible for about a week, but AKRF continued operating the entire time. Click here to learn more about the AKRF experience with the Barracuda SSL VPN. (pdf)

If you'd like more information about the Barracuda SSL VPN, take a look at the product page here.  You can find more info on the features, benefits, and different models.  We also have a live demo and a 30-day risk-free evaluation unit available.

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