Steve Pao on the role of the cloud in the modern security architecture

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You may have heard of Stephen Pao (Steve), GM of our Security Business. He's responsible for the strategic product direction, definition, program management, and development for all of the company's security products.

Steve recently talked to Help Net Security about the role of the cloud in the modern security architecture. Some of the topics he covered:

  • Leveraging the cloud is inevitable, but brings new challenges to IT
  • Changing the security infrastructure by providing security in the cloud
  • Using the cloud and big data for real-time threat protection
  • How end-user decisions can impact the company's plans for secure document storage
  • Business continuity and cloud storage
  • The vulnerability of documents in the cloud as they are in-motion, replicated to other storage, or at rest in the data center

Whether you are just getting started with the cloud, or you are already an expert, you'll probably find something interesting here. It's a quick read, at about 1.5 pages, but it has a lot of information packed into it.

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