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The Barracuda (Ann Arbor) Gaming Club is one of those loose-knit organizations that has very little structure and a whole lot of fun.

The club was started by Christopher Blackford (Chris), one of our QA Engineers for the Barracuda Backup. Originally inspired by his college gaming clubs and our own Friday Night Magic,** Chris decided to see what kind of gaming he could get going at Barracuda. After chatting with a few co-workers to gauge interest, Chris launched the first Barracuda Gaming Club event.

The main focus of the club is board games that are supplied by the people who show up to play. The first game night took place in December 2013, and the games on-hand included Settlers of Catan, Dominion, King of Tokyo, and Cards Against Humanity.

The club will consider any game that a player brings in, and they try to play a different game every month. They've also run some video games like Mario Kart, and there's a full-time Minecraft server available to them as well.

After a few months, Barracuda started supporting the gaming club with some sponsored game nights. Barracuda sponsored nights are promoted by the Ann Arbor Office Administrator and get more attention. There are always snacks available, and the games are set up as a competition. While still laid-back and fun, they are a little more structured than the normal game night. The last couple of sponsored games have been Texas Hold'em and Ticket to Ride. The club is going old school for the next sponsored game night on August 14. We'll watch the 1985 movie Clue, play the board game, and see who can eat the most popcorn and ice-cream. I can't predict the winner of the board game, but I have history on my side when it comes to the ice-cream.

If you're an employee of Barracuda, why not join us for gaming night? Get in touch with Chris Blackford for details. And if you're not an employee of Barracuda but you have some skills, why not join us for a career? We've got an Open House coming up in Campbell, and our careers page here is always available.

**Remember Friday Night Magic. It's going to come back later. 🙂

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