Plan your firewall policies with help from our new Application Explorer

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Ever wondered what kind of applications and protocols are part of the Application Control feature that comes with the Barracuda NG Firewall and Barracuda Firewall?

With the new Application Explorer you can easily browse the Application Control database for supported applications (and sub-applications) and protocols. Based on this database you can easily create policies on how applications and protocols are handled. It starts with global policies regarding an application and ends with granular control on even sub-applications. So, for instance, you may allow Facebook access for your marketing department but block Facebook Apps (i.e., Games) and/or Facebook file transfer. Or, allowing Skype Audio but blocking Skype Video might be a reasonable way to save bandwidth for other more business-critical traffic.

The Application Explorer also provides background information on applications and protocols. So, you are always informed what purpose a sub-application serves.

And the best of all – if an application or a sub-application or even a protocol is missing, simply file a request in our forum and it will be added to the database.

Check out the Application Explorer by visiting our corporate website.  You'll find it on the Barracuda Firewall here and the Barracuda NG Firewall here.  When you're ready to try our solutions in your network, request a risk-free 30-day demo here.

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