Introducing Tech Support Supervisor Harshan Rajan

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Time again to show off the folks who deliver our award-winning tech support.  This time we talk to Tech Support Supervisor Harshan Rajan.

Harshan has 24 years of IT experience, including several years as a Sergeant in the Indian Air Force.   He started his career in technology by working with the on-board PSM radars on  MiG and Antonov aircraft.  Harshan transitioned into a more traditional IT role when he took on the position as IT Systems & Network Administrator for the IAF.  He was in this position for many years before transitioning to Information Warfare, specializing in offensive tactics.  He also worked as a security auditor for the IAF intranets.  He joined Barracuda in 2009.

What’s your role with Barracuda?

I am a Technical Support Supervisor.  My primary responsibilities are to ensure the timely delivery of quality technical support for the Barracuda WAF, Load Balancer ADC, and Link Balancer.

What is a typical day like for you?

I log in and begin by assessing the immediate situation.  Is there anything pressing that needs attention now?  I prioritize, anticipate the day, and then start firing on 8 cylinders, keeping 4 on standby. Most of the time you will find me sending off emails or working with customers on the phone. 

What is your favorite part of the job? 

I love solving problems with the customers.  I can't see their network, so I create a virtual reality environment in my mind.  I immerse myself in the customer's reality and his perspective of the problem.  We work together to find the solution. 

What is the funniest customer call you’ve ever taken?

The funniest call is one that I’ve listened in on:

Email from the tech to the customer:  Hi, I tried to reach you on the phone. Please let us know the best number to reach you.

Customer wrote back: +999 999 99 999 Saludos Cordiales.

The call went like this:

Tech: Can I speak to Saludos Cordiales?

Customer: Saludos

Tech: Yes, Saludos.

Customer: Saludos Saludos, Hablas español?

Tech: Yes, I want to speak to Saludos Cordiales. 

Customer: Saludos…. Mmm…hmm….

Tech: Hi Saludos, How are you?

Customer: (in a low dejected voice) Saludos…

Tech: Hi Saludos, Can you hear me?

What advice would you give someone who wants to work in customer service or tech support?

If you think ‘Deep Sea Diving’ or ‘Air Traffic Control’ are unworthy jobs, STAY AWAY from technical support/customer service.

On the other hand if you think those jobs are cool, love discussing technology with the best in the business, have an eye for detail and can handle pressure, then, welcome aboard.

Harshan isn't all about work.  He's a HAM Radio enthusiast and a news junkie, and he loves exploring the latest high-tech gadgets.  One of this favorite activities is playing computer games with his son.

He also loves cats 🙂

If you'd like to catch up with Harshan, you can reach him at [email protected]

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