NCSAM Week 4: Protect your business with best practices and Barracuda solutions

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It is week 4 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, which means that the focus is on small and medium-size businesses and entrepreneurs.  Barracuda specializes in solutions for the midmarket, so let's take a minute to talk about what businesses can do to protect their organization, customers, and employees.


First let's consider why small and medium-size businesses and entrepreneurs are at such risk.  Midsized organizations are exposed to the same types of threats as large enterprises, but they often don't have the same resources as the big guys.  They often don't have large IT staffs or budgets, and they can't deploy the kind of security that can be deployed in an enterprise.  Klaus does a good job explaining in this video:

These organizations and entrepreneurs often have customer data, financial data, intellectual property, and other sensitive or confidential information, in one small network.  A security breach could cost millions, and cause the business to fail.


The Stop. Think. Connect. campaign has tools & tips available in the SMB resource center here


If you're looking to secure your midmarket organization, take a look at these Barracuda solutions:


Email Security:  Protect your email with our award-winning solutions, whether you host your own server or you use Office365.

Web Security:  Protect your company workstations from drive-by downloads and other web-based security risks. 

Network Security:  Enable access as needed, keep out intruders, and much more. 

Web Application Security:  Protect your websites and other public-facing applications from SQL injections and other common attacks.

Not only does Barracuda offer best-in-breed products, we also make it easy to do business with us.  We know our customers don't have time to get mired down in long sales cycles or goofy phone trees.  Let me sum it up by pulling from one of my other posts:

  • 30-day risk-free evaluations and 30-day trial deployment guides make it easy to try before you buy
  • Publicly available Techlib documentation makes it easy for you to research a product without making a purchase
  • Simple and intuitive administrative interfaces and Barracuda Cloud Control make it easy to manage products
  • Primé #nophonetrees customer support makes it easy to get help when you need it
  • Barracuda University makes it easy to get the training you need to grow your skills with our products
  • Energize Updates subscriptions make it easy to keep your Barracuda solutions up to date and secure
  • Instant Replacement subscriptions make it easy to protect your hardware investments from emergencies

For more information on Barracuda solutions, visit us on the web at  To order a risk-free 30-day evaluation of a product, visit this page.

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