Take a look at the new Barracuda Firewall version 6.6

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Barracuda recently released Barracuda Firewall version 6.6, which includes several new features and performance improvements that enhance the user experience while adding functionality that improves malicious traffic detection.  Here's a quick look at some of the new stuff:

  • Administrators have the option to run Anti-Virus scanning on-box (including SSL encrypted web traffic) or off-box using Barracuda’s Web Security Service.  Please note that a subscription to Barracuda Web Security Service is required for the off-box option.  Anti-Virus scanning of SSL encrypted traffic allows the firewall to scan encrypted traffic for anti-virus and malware.  With the growing use of encrypted traffic on the Internet, this feature is increasingly in demand.  Use of encrypted traffic just in the US alone doubled since the Snowden incident at the NSA.
  • Barracuda Firewall now includes support for Terminal Server authentication (“TS Agent”, similar to DC Agent).  Companies who use Microsoft Terminal Services for user authentication can configure this on the BFW.  This is great for the business that employs thin-client technology for end-users.
  • IPS scanning in SSL encrypted traffic allows the firewall to scan for malicious traffic, even if the traffic is within an encrypted tunnel.  This is similar to Anti-Virus scanning in SSL encrypted web-traffic.  IPS scanning of encrypted traffic allows the firewall to inspect all traffic, not just clear-text, for malicious network activity.
  • Significantly improved Authoritative DNS with health checks and support for dynamic uplinks
  • Simple authentication administration added via graphical browser and mouse click, rather than typing in distinguished names, like CN=John Smith,OU=Sales,DC=Waterloo,DC=COM
  • New Client-2-Site VPN wizard
  • Additional client ID and vendor options for DHCP
  • Health checks for static uplinks
  • Significant SIP proxy enhancements for interoperability with VoIP systems

We have also added several usability improvements to make the Barracuda Firewall easier and even more intuitive.  And like all Barracuda security solutions, the Barracuda Firewall is thoughtfully integrated into our portfolio.  It's easier and more affordable than ever to secure all of your network threat vectors with Barracuda Firewall as part of the solution.

If you would like more information about the Barracuda Firewall, please visit the product page here.  You can get a risk-free 30-day demo of the product here.  You can read the TechLib documentation on the new version here.

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