Impressions from CeBIT, Hannover, Germany

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CeBIT is a worldwide IT show and security conference held each year in several locations across the globe.  Barracuda was in Hanover this month for the 5-day event.

There were many interesting and important discussions at the event.  One of the biggest and most discussed topics in the security area was the dramatic increase of attack surfaces that organizations are facing. It´s especially about data and applications moving into the cloud; users move outside, expose themselves against new kinds of threats and more serious attacks. The crucial question for many security managers here was, how to seal all these new attack surfaces without losing coherence and consolidation efforts many organizations went through during the last years.

To address that concern, many security managers rely on a UTM device, which combines many features and functions into a single appliance.  One of the problems with a UTM is that threats have advanced tremendously since the dawn of these appliances, and the UTMs have not been able to keep pace.  Now we see more specialized Firewalls in all kind of varieties, because the UTM cannot properly process all of the threat-burdened traffic. Firewalls are also moving into the Cloud, following the rest of the company's infrastructure.   The time for the traditional UTM may be coming to an end.

Many IT managers don't know yet how they want to address the “Cloud problem”, or how quickly they want to migrate. CeBIT was the perfect time for Barracuda to explain the various existing threat vectors and how they can be addressed by the Barracuda Total Threat Protection initiative.

CeBIT 2015 had about 4800 visitors on site and over 100,000 visitors following the live stream.  Visit the CeBIT website here for more information.

For more on Barracuda Total Threat Protection, visit the corporate site here.

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