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Channel NewsAsia has a new Tech Know segment that features our very own Steve Pao.  Steve is our GM of Security, and as you can imagine, he's quite well-versed in cyber security and Internet protection.

From the video:

Asia Pacific organizations lost over 100 billion US dollars to cyber crime last year. These businesses have spent about US$230 billion to battle it – the highest for any region worldwide – but what is the state of cyber security in the region? And what can be done to battle cyber crime? We tackle the issue on this edition of TechKnow.

Steve joins the hosts to discuss the following:

  • Which crimes are most prevalent in the Asia Pacific region?
  • What advances have been made in the cybersecurity space that can address these problems?
  • Why do the cybercriminals seem to be more advanced than the “good guys?”
  • Are the hackers smarter than security agents?
  • What security gaps make the Asia Pacific countries most vulnerable to advanced cyber attacks?
  • What can we do to protect ourselves as individuals, from being victims?
  • How can we make security more convenient to users?
  • What can governments and intelligence agencies do to address these problems?

Here's the video:


These issues will be discussed in depth at the Interpol World 2015.  This is the first year for the Interpol World event, which runs April 14-16 in Singapore.  You can learn more about this event here.

Connect with Steve Pao on LinkedIn here, or follow him on Twitter here.



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