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If you manage Barracuda services and appliances, you're probably familiar with Barracuda Cloud Control (BCC).  This is our centralized management platform that allows our customers to access their Barracuda assets from one location.  You can read more about Barracuda Cloud Control here.

It's important for Barracuda customers to understand BCC because most Barracuda infrastructures can be managed directly from this interface.  The BCC also allows users to open a support tunnel in a remote location, synchronize firmware and updates, apply policies or run reports across multiple devices, and access peer support through the community forum.  In short, BCC is an important part of the Barracuda customer experience.

Users can configure the BCC interface so that it offers the most relevant information in the shortest amount of time.  One of the ways to do this is to set up the default start page so that when you login to BCC, you will get the fastest possible load time.

When you log in to Barracuda Cloud Control, your starting page may be for a service, appliance control, or one of the BCC pages.  The BCC starting pages are “Account” and “Community.”    These pages have no Barracuda products associated with them.  Other pages, such as Backup, Web Security, Appliance Control, etc., are rendered from the services or appliances themselves.

When a service or appliance status page is loaded, each of the endpoints is polled for data to populate the page.  For example, in this screenshot, you can see that there are four endpoints in the Backup section:

In order to present the data on the state of backup services in the above network, Barracuda Backup will poll the following endpoints:
  • Barracuda Cloud to Cloud
  • Development
  • HQ Backup
  • Remote Sales

The Backup page will complete this process before presenting data to the user.  Depending on how you use Barracuda Cloud Control, you may want to configure a different start page.  If you login multiple times a day to check the support forum, you may want to set your start page to ‘Community' rather than ‘Backup.'  This change is an easy task.

After logging in to the BCC, click on “account” in the upper left menu, and then select “manage users” from the menu on the right.   You will be taken to a list of users that have been registered to your account.

Select the user from the list, and details for that user will appear on the right side.  Here you can change the user's display name, password, starting page, product entitlements, and more.  To configure the starting page, simply choose the desired page in the drop down menu.

Save your changes with the ‘save' button in the upper right.  The next time you log in to BCC, you should be taken to the new start page.

If you would like help configuring your new start page or anything else in BCC, you are always welcome to contact our support department by phone or email.

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