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Millions of people will be migrating to Office 365 in the next few months.  Microsoft's recent quarterly earnings report showed that they brought 3 million new customers to Office 365, growing their revenue by 70%.

What's the appeal?  There are as many benefits of Office 365 as there are companies that use it.  Some adopt it for the cost savings in hardware, software, and maintenance.  Some are looking for the deeper integrations with Yammer, Skype, OneDrive, and other Office applications.  Some just want the consistent user interface.  The list goes on and on.

Office 365 presents an amazing opportunity for Barracuda Channel Partners to help their customers save money and improve productivity.  We have a great webinar for those partners planning to take advantage of this opportunity.

Thursday, December 17
Network Availability and Office 365: Keeping Your Users in the Fast Lane
Presented by Rich Turner
11:00am PST

Several years ago, nearly every company had a single centralized firewall to guard against attacks and help manage network access.  Branch office and other remote traffic would be routed back to the main location to be managed by this firewall.  That type of security architecture worked fine at the time.

Cloud applications like Office 365 have changed the way that we protect our networks.  Demands on corporate networks and security must be balanced with availability. Internet connectivity is expected to be robust to support the emergence and scalability of popular SaaS applications that may be deployed to the network at any time.  Office 365 is unlike most other SaaS applications in that it involves the whole company, and it also requires a robust, persistent, and fast internet connection for each user.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • How business environments and connectivity have evolved
  • Why backhaul strategies will fail
  • Why a security strategy involving Office 365 must also focus on availability
  • How companies can deploy a network strategy that is Office 365 friendly
  • How distributed firewalls and centralized cloud management of security policies makes cloud computing more productive

Get in-depth insights on network availability in our upcoming Webinar. Register today!

We have more webinars planned for Office 365.  To stay updated on these webinars, follow our blog RSS feed for Office 365, and follow us on Twitter @barracuda and #CudaVar.  You can see all of our upcoming webinars on our corporate website here.

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