Why is Locky so dangerous?

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In our last post we discussed the evolution of ransomware, and we covered some of the reasons why ransomware was spreading so quickly right now.   In this post we'll go into more detail on that, with emphasis on what makes Locky so dangerous to potential victims.

Locky was identified in mid-February, and within 2 weeks had become the second most prevalent version of ransomware around the world.  Locky has been spread primarily through spam email with Word attachments.  The attachment contains a malicious macro and is usually presented as an invoice.  When the user attempts to open the Word document, the text is scrambled and the user is instructed to enable macros.  Enabling the macros will allow the virus to contact a remote server, download an executable, and run the file.  This executable is the Locky ransomware that will execute immediate and begin to encrypt the files on the computer and unmapped network shares.

Locky has also used .js and .zip file attachments to infect PCs.

Locky uses the AES encryption algorithm to encrypt files.  It will not encrypt certain types of system files, but it will encrypt all user data, which it identifies based on extension.  It also changes the file names on encrypted files, making it more difficult to restore data.  Locky will also delete all Shadow Volume copies of data so that the user cannot use those files to avoid paying the ransom.  Finally, Locky creates a ransom note and copies it to every directory where files have been encrypted.  The ransom note includes links to a decrypter page, which provides instructions on “how to buy Locky decrypter.”

Security experts say there are several reasons why Locky is spreading so quickly:

Like all ransomware, protection from Locky requires a comprehensive security and storage strategy.  Network firewalls, email security and web filtering can prevent spam from getting through to the users and will prevent downloads of compromised attachments.  A good backup system and disaster recovery plan will help you restore your data in the event that you are compromised.

For more information on ransomware, follow our blog series here.  For more on Barracuda solutions that can help protect you from attacks like Locky, visit these product sites:

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Barracuda Web Application Firewall:  Barracuda website security solutions are designed to protect your web applications from data breaches and defacement.  Because Locky and other ransomware is being spread through drive-by downloads and other web-borne attacks, servers without application firewall protection are potentially part of the ransomware infrastructure.  The Barracuda Web Application Firewall provides application attack and DDoS protection, URL tamper prevention, data loss prevention, and more.

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