Barracuda Backup now has more features and greater capacity

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Barracuda is pleased to announce the release of Barracuda Backup version 6.3. This release is currently in early availability (EA) and will be generally available (GA) in the fall. You can read the press release here and the release notes here.

This new release brings a handful of performance improvements and new capabilities to the Barracuda Backup. Here's a summary of the new features, with some help from the Barracuda Campus documentation:

“With Barracuda Backup,
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  • Performance enhancements – This group of updates allows customers to get more aggressive on recovery time objectives. This is increasingly important in the modern threat landscape, which includes sophisticated threats such as ransomware and other destructive attacks.
    • New Backup Agent introduces multi-streaming improving initial backup and restore times
    • New replication queueing system eliminates bottlenecks with highly transactional data sets
    • File shares backups with large directory trees spawn streams more efficiently
  • Backup Export Tool expanded functionality – Our Backup Export Tool allows customers to archive backup files to an external media, such as tape or hard disk. The expanded functions in this release give customers greater flexibility in how they archive their files for long-term retention. The new AWS Storage Gateway-VTL option provides a new lower-cost, less-hassle alternative to on-premises media.

Barracuda Backup version 6.3 is available to customers with an active subscription to Barracuda Energize Updates (EU). Customers with an active EU subscription can contact their Barracuda solution provider or Barracuda representative for access to the latest release while it is in EA. When version 6.3 is generally available in the fall, customers with an active EU subscription will be able to install the update directly through the Barracuda Backup administration panel.

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With an active EU subscription, customers receive basic support, firmware maintenance, security updates, and optional participation in the Barracuda Early Release Firmware Program. The EU subscription eliminates the need to purchase new product versions in order to receive the latest software features.

For more information on Barracuda Backup version 6.3, see the press release and the Barracuda Campus documentation.

This release also includes updates to pricing and capacity. Barracuda Backup 990 has increased usable storage capacity by 33 percent, from 36TB to 48TB, and is shipping now for all new customers. Existing customers who are eligible for a hardware refresh or support-related replacement through our Instant Replacement (IR) program are also able to order the new appliance with the increased storage. For customers with Barracuda Backup 990, this would mean a 12TB increase in capacity in their new 990 appliance.

Additionally, the Barracuda Backup 995 and 1090 appliances and subscription list prices have been reduced. Together, these pricing and capacity updates help customers address the pressure of rapid data growth while keeping data protection affordable.

The Barracuda Backup is a unified solution, which means that it can protect physical, virtual, and SaaS environments. There's no need to deploy additional vendor solutions to protect hybrid infrastructures. Barracuda Backup can be deployed as a purpose built backup appliance or a virtual appliance, as well as a cloud to cloud service. To learn more about Barracuda Backup, visit our corporate product site here and our Barracuda Campus site here. To get started, you can request a risk-free, 30-day evaluation here.

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