Introducing the Threat Spotlight

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The threat landscape is more targeted, sophisticated, and evolving as ever; businesses are under attack every single day, and everyone is a target. Headlines are filled with stories of the latest hack, security breach, or identity theft that cost organizations billions of dollars. As that number increases, the sheer volume alone can be confusing, let alone understanding which threats pose the greatest risks. With this in mind, we will be offering a new resource that will be recurring monthly on this blog:  the Threat Spotlight.    

These spotlights will focus on threats that pose a significant risk to you and your business.  We will use our data and expertise to take an in-depth look at what these threats do, who they target, and how you can protect yourself and your organization.  Some of these attacks will be new and some you will have seen before, but they will all be threats that our security professionals want you to understand.

The Threat Spotlight will kick off today, and will run as a monthly series.  To follow this series exclusively, you can subscribe to the Threat Spotlight RSS feed here.

This series is meant to help you protect yourself and your environment.  If you have questions, comments, or if you've seen some interesting threats in your environment, please let us know.  Send us a tweet @barracuda or leave us a note in the comments. 

Also, if you’re curious about what’s lurking in your mailbox, you can click here to get a complimentary Email Threat Scan today

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