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With the rise of sophisticated cyber threats such as ransomware, spear phishing, and APTs, it’s a good idea to have a security strategy in place. Having a strategy not only includes solutions like firewalls, anti-malware detection, spam filters, etc., but also includes data backup and recovery. The latter is just as important as the former; however, many small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) either aren’t taking backup as seriously or face various internal obstacles when it comes to data protection.

Many SMBs don’t have the same budgetary resources as their enterprise counterparts, which results in having a sub-par backup solution in place. For example, backups aren’t happening as often—recovery isn’t as fast, storage is limited, etc. Having these barriers puts organizations in a dangerous situation, especially with the above-mentioned evolving threat landscape. There’s no reason why SMBs can’t properly protect their data in case of a natural disaster or cyberattack due to storage, performance, or budgetary constraints. 

Barracuda Backup – Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

The goal of Barracuda Backup has always been to cater to the IT-constrained employee who wears multiple hats. We’ve designed a backup solution that is easy to manage, deploy (it’s up and running in 30 minutes or less), and is affordable. Additionally, Barracuda Backup can easily protect your data wherever it resides—on-premises or in the cloud—giving you peace of mind.

We decided to take it a step further and revamp Barracuda Backup to provide organizations that face increasing data demands and limited resources the ability to plan and support future data growth. We’re very excited to announce that our Barracuda Backup appliances have been upgraded to give you more storage capacity—up to 100 percent in some cases—and performance, all while keeping the cost the same. Additionally, those customers that use cloud storage subscriptions along with their appliance can now replicate even more data to the cloud, with no increase in subscription prices. By reducing the effective cost per terabyte of data stored in the cloud, you get more bang for your buck.

Regarding performance, updates were made to speed up the backup, restore, and offsite replication. This means that businesses can efficiently get data offsite and quickly restore data in case of data loss or if data is seized (in the case of ransomware). For added protection against both of these scenarios, data can easily be recovered from Barracuda’s secure cloud storage.

SMBs can’t run a business without a data protection solution in place: anything can happen, from accidental deletion, data corruption, server failure, to ransomware. Don’t let any of these disasters hinder your business—make backup a number one priority in 2017.

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