Barracuda secures AWS applications for multinational corporation

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In this customer story, we explore what led Iris Solutions to build and secure their infrastructure with AWS and the Barracuda WAF.   You can download the details chere (pdf).

Iris Solutions is a multinational corporation that delivers Iris Telephone Suite (ITS) and Iris Autograph.  These are secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products that are used in highly-regulated environments.  Application security had to be of the highest quality, without hindering throughput and application performance.  Because the company growing rapidly, Iris was also looking for a solution that would scale well and help keep costs and labor input under control.

Amazon Web Services met almost all of these requirements, but the AWS Shared Responsibility Model leaves the application security to the customer.  This allows customers to retain control of their security solution, just as they would in an on-site datacenter.  You can learn more about this model on the AWS site here, and in this video:

Because Iris had complete control over application security, the company conducted a thorough study to determine which solution best fit their needs.  They selected the Barracuda WAF for several reasons, including the following:
  • The Barracuda Web Application Firewall is available in the AWS Marketplace, with pay-as-you-go licensing.  This makes it easy to license and deploy.  There is no additional purchasing or license management.
  • The product can be configured quickly and easily, through a management interface similar to other Barracuda solutions.  No need for Barracuda users to learn a new set of skills.
  • The Barracuda WAF had no negative impact on throughput, unlike other products that were evaluated by Iris.
  • There is no need to employ an army of administrators to monitor the infrastructure.  The AWS and Barracuda WAF provide a secure system that is simple for a small IT staff to manage and monitor.
  • The real-time protection of Barracuda Central allows Iris to benefit from our 24/7 security structure.   Barracuda products receive constantly updated attack signatures and security profiles.  This helps Iris maintain their stringent security profile.

Additionally, Barracuda is an AWS APN Advanced Partner.  We have expertise in AWS and a network of AWS certified channel partners to assist our customers with their AWS infrastructures.

You can get all of the details on this solution in this pdf document.

For more information on our AWS solutions, visit our AWS Solutions site here.  For more information on the Barracuda Web Application Firewall, visit the product site here.

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