OMS and Azure Security Center – either, or both?

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Barracuda recently announced OMS support for its Cloud-Ready firewalls, the Barracuda Web Application Firewall and the Barracuda Next-Gen Firewall. OMS (Operations Management Suite) is designed to provide a range of features: provide immediate insights across workloads; operational intelligence when it matters to explore, analyze, and take action to respond faster to security threats; help deliver continuous IT services and remediate issues quickly at scale; and ensure availability of apps and data. Barracuda firewalls feed logs into OMS so the intelligence our firewalls capture about data movement, security, and management can be included in OMS’ larger view of the customer’s Azure infrastructure.

Azure Security Center focuses on preventing, detecting, and responding to threats with increased visibility and control over the security of a customer’s Azure resources – it is a narrower view but a more in-depth one focused on just security. Barracuda supports Azure Security Center as well with a similar degree of in-depth data, however today those log formats are different.

Some customers choose OMS and some choose Azure Security Center. While it seems inevitable that the two will be combined at some point, today they remain separate (yet related) products, and the larger “view” of OMS clearly appeals to bigger Azure users. For us, it was important to ensure that Barracuda’s logs – which are extensive and include a wealth of information about detected threats – be pushed into the OMS wider-view. Not only do we enhance customers’ security within their Azure infrastructure, we enhance their ability to understand the larger landscape of operational intelligence.

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