Free On-Demand Webinar – Anatomy of a Hack: Dissecting Petya/NotPetya

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Petya/NotPetya is the latest ransomware strain to make headlines, attacking infrastructures in 65 countries so far. It’s been around since around 2016, and unlike its counterpart WannaCry, Petya/NotPetya has no kill switch so it’s uncertain if it can be stopped. 

It’s clear that ransomware has become an epidemic—no one is safe from an attack. This threat has not only been rapidly growing but has also become harder to evade. The damage it can cause—whether it’s your pocketbook or reputation—can be dire; therefore, it’s important that you know the ins and outs of this malicious malware. 

Click here for our free on-demand 
webinar – Anatomy of a Hack:
Dissecting Petya/NotPetya

Click here to watch our on-demand webinarwhere our Barracuda Security experts discuss the latest ransomware attack, Petya, and why it has the potential to spread globally at a disturbing rate. We reveal: 

  • How Petya/NotPetya used the EternalBlue exploit seen in WannaCry, as well as a few others, to cause mass disruption.
  • Why end-to-end security is the only option for a comprehensive solution to combat attacks like Petya/NotPetya. 

Barracuda security pros will also show you why today's evasive, polymorphic threats demand an advanced approach to threat detection that spans all vectors into your network. And you’ll learn about Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection – a unique, multi-layered, cloud-based service that efficiently blocks Petya and other advanced, zero-day threats. 

With the onslaught of increasing ransomware attacks raising security concerns, understanding how they happen is key to prevention. Make sure to take advantage of this free presentation.

Jennifer Pellerin is the Marketing Campaigns Manager, Webinars, Barracuda Networks. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.




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