Cloud archiving and backup solutions for Office 365

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Protect your data… Protect your reputation… Protect your business…

If you’re using Office 365 and SharePoint to manage your email and business data, there’s no better time than World Backup Day to take a look at cloud archiving and cloud-to-cloud backup solutions to fill the gaps in the native offerings.

Mitigate business risks and costs with archiving

By complementing Office 365 with an email archiving solution in the cloud, you better support compliance, discovery, business continuity and cost savings.

Responding to an audit or discovery request quickly saves your business money! With a cloud archiving solution designed specifically to support these efforts, auditors and legal teams locate and organize data much more quickly than with traditional (and now outdated) methods, significantly reducing the billable hours spent on every demand for data.

A cloud archive with robust and powerful search capabilities enables legal and compliance users to organize relevant results with tagging features and customizable hold reasons and export them in a variety of flexible file formats for review. The less time spent searching for, organizing and exporting relevant information for an audit or legal review, the less it costs your business.

A cloud archive also helps protect critical data and business continuity. What happens if you accidentally delete an important email message? What if an employee trashes their entire email box before leaving for a new job? Do you just lose that valuable data and history, with no way to retrieve it?

With a cloud archive, you automatically preserve every sent and received message and attachment in a format that cannot be deleted or modified. In other words, you’ll never lose access to any critical information and you’ll always be able to carry on with business as usual after an employee departs, regardless of the circumstances.

Defend against ransomware attacks with cloud-to-cloud backup
Microsoft offers several layers of data protection, but there are still scenarios where users can suffer data loss:

  • Accidental user deletion
  • Malicious data destruction by an authorized user
  • Data corruption
  • Data migration issues
  • Third-party application errors
  • Data overwrites / replacements with incorrect data

Cloud-to-cloud backup offers an extra layer of data protection for SaaS solutions, including in the event of a ransomware attack.

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For example, Microsoft SharePoint Online backup provides granular backup and recovery options with the ability to quickly restore individual files that have been deleted, corrupted, or encrypted by ransomware. There’s no longer the need to perform a complete and full recovery of the SharePoint environment. This function is available in Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Barracuda Essentials for Office 365.

The Sharepoint Online backup feature gives IT managers the ability to preserve SharePoint data beyond the default 14-day retention window – and it doesn’t cut into storage quotas. It also offers access to individual files in the Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 user interface, making it fast and easy to directly restore items back into SharePoint Online from the backups of Document Libraries, Site Assets, and Picture Libraries within both Team Sites and Public Sites.

Don’t put your data, your reputation or your business at risk. Take advantage of the added protection you get with cloud archiving and backup solutions – before you need them.


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