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What is a security-centric RMM?

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Barracuda’s acquisition of the Managed Workplace remote monitoring and management product line from the Avast group last month was an exciting milestone for our MSP team. We know that RMM tools are a foundational piece of how managed services providers and transitioning resellers run day-to-day operations, and adding Managed Workplace to our MSP portfolio builds on our commitment to the MSP marketplace and gives us another way to help our partners succeed.

“As a rapidly expanding MSP and cloud solutions provider, our relationship with Barracuda MSP over the last three years has been invaluable to our development — we’ve just celebrated three consecutive years of the business doubling in size,” said Jonathan Ashley, Director at etiCloud. “Working alongside Barracuda MSP, we’ve been able to quickly and efficiently solve our customers' problems as cyber-attacks continue to increase in sophistication and complexity. We’re eager to see what the future has to offer and how the acquisition of Managed Workplace can open up even more opportunities for us in the long-term.”

It goes beyond helping our partners be successful, though. Managed Workplace is a security-centric RMM, something we believe addresses a large gap in the MSP marketplace.

'Managed Workplace is a security-centric #RMM, something we believe addresses a large gap in the #MSP marketplace.' - Brian Babineau on Barracuda's most recent acquisitionClick To Tweet

Why MSPs need a security-centric RMM

A security-centric RMM helps service providers easily incorporate security tasks into their daily management routine. From email security to password policies and patch management, security has become a key component of MSPs’ service offerings, and our partners have told us that they’re looking for a way to fit security responsibilities in with the day-to-day management they’re already doing for other types of services. Much like how end users need to weave security best practices into their everyday behavior, MSPs need to bake security into the way they operate.

The security-centric approach of Managed Workplace addresses this need. For example, with Managed Workplace, MSPs can regularly assess customers’ security risks, test and update password policies, patch devices, and manage email accounts and security  — all from a single console. Combined with integrated security solutions, such as endpoint antivirus, Managed Workplace gives MSPs a solid foundation to build their offerings on and can help them improve their customers’ overall security postures.

A security-centric #RMM helps service providers easily incorporate security tasks into their daily management routine.Click To Tweet

Because Managed Workplace is security-centric, it aligns well with the other security solutions we already provide to our MSP partners, such as cloud-generation firewalls, email protection, and security awareness training. It also supports our mission of helping MSPs protect their customers.

Continued security innovation

Addressing security with a security-centric RMM is the first step, but we believe that continued innovation and investment can help us provide even more value to our MSP partners. At Barracuda, we’ve positioned ourselves as a security innovator with solutions such as Barracuda Sentinel and Barracuda PhishLine. The Managed Workplace team also has a track record for innovation, such as adding an Office 365 management module, and that is another reason we knew it was a good fit for us.  

We’re excited about the opportunities Managed Workplace presents for further security innovation by connecting the RMM with other key components of our security offering, such as email protection, cloud-generation firewalls, and more. We look forward to exploring the possibilities and finding new ways to help maximize the value we provide to our MSP partners.

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