L'avis d'experts sur la transformation numérique et l'accès à distance sécurisé

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There's no question that the global pandemic has disrupted workflows and business operations all over the world. Online commerce has exploded, eSignatures and remote meetings are being adopted in new ways, and a recent Gallup poll revealed that nearly 7 in 10 employees in the U.S. are working remotely at least part of the time due to pandemic-related concerns.     

As Mike Vizard mentioned here, much of this digital transformation was already in motion, and the pandemic forced us to accelerate our efforts. Barracuda solutions helped many of our customers adapt quickly to the new normal brought about by COVID-19. Our ability to deliver these cloud-ready solutions was enhanced greatly by our partnership with Microsoft and our joint endeavor to make the public cloud secure and accessible for companies of all sizes.

Mike Goldgof has been writing about this on the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) cloud computing blog. Mike is our senior director of product marketing and one of our experts on public cloud adoption. His MISA blog series reviews digital transformation, the use of public cloud for secure remote access, and the growth of secure SD-WAN. He also introduces our research on global public cloud adoption. You can read the blogs here:

Visit www.barracuda.com for more information on Barracuda solutions for Microsoft Azure.



Modernisation de la protection des données : Surfez sur la nouvelle norme grâce à Microsoft et Barracuda

July 7, 2020
10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PDT


Join this eye-opening webinar and listen in as Barracuda’s Nicole Napiltonia goes deep in conversation with Microsoft CTO, David Totten, and Cloud Solution Architect, Nills Franssens, along with Barracuda cloud data-protection specialist Tim Jefferson.

Join us and find out what they’ve got to say about:

  • L'utilisation de la résilience du cloud pour atteindre un niveau de protection des données sans égal par rapport aux solutions sur site
  • Comprendre l'intérêt d'une approche « cloud-native » des technologies de l'information
  • Comment Microsoft 365 fait office de plate-forme pour le développement cloud-native



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